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LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN main areas for jobs are namely, Production, Maintenance, Support Functions,
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Production Team

Production Team personnel work in the production department at the plant, mainly performing the work of maintaining safe/stable plant operation through the means of preventive inspections, job training for workers, periodic on-site patrols. The Team plays a vital role in driving the production to achieve the annual production target.
Efforts are being put into increasing productivity and reducing production cost through optimizing plant production, process condition monitoring and introduction of new process technologies and process improvements which are implementation of various ideas selected from idea suggestion activities.

It also performs the work of maintaining optimal product quality through continuous process monitoring and causal analysis and taking appropriate measures when non-conforming product incidents arise, focusing on taking precautions against the occurrence of negligent acts or environmental accidents.
The Production Team is doing its utmost to operate the plant safely at all times by creating an operational environment which minimizes negligent acts or environmental accidents by providing on the job training on safety and environment, aimed at fostering safety awareness.

Required competency and related majors

  • Required competency : Challenge, passion, innovation, team spirit/cooperation, decision-making/judgment, leadership
  • Related academic study : Chemical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Polymer Engineering majors

Departments to be assigned

  • Naphtha Cracker Plant,
  • Derivatives & Cogeneration Plants
  • Polymers Plants
  • Technical Department
  • Safety & Environment
  • Quality Management