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Leading the Petrochemical Industry with Talented People

LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN main areas for jobs are namely, Production, Maintenance, Support Functions,
Sales & Marketing, Research & Development

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Sales & Marketing

The Sales & Marketing performs its work to achieve the sales goal of the sales team within the relevant BU through efficient and systematic sales activities.
It aims for responsible management and collection of trade receivables, with its focus on the strengthening of sales capability through efficient sales management.
In addition, it is customer-oriented with prompt and proactive service, striving to maximize operating profit through product cost control and periodic consultations with customers concerning product selling price, and contributing to achieve the objectives by acquiring new customers and keeping regulars, along with successful transactions.

Required competency and related majors

  • Required competency : Challenge, passion, innovation, team spirit/cooperation, decision-making/judgment
  • Related academic study : Majors related to Liberal Arts/Economics & Business, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering/Advanced Materials, etc.

Departments to be assigned

  • Sales & Marketing
  • O&D Business
  • Warehouse & Logistics