Leading the Petrochemical Industry with Talented People

Leading the Petrochemical Industry with Talented People. We welcome those with passion, who are willing
to dream and take the first step towards the global arena

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LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN Recruitment Overview

Experienced professionals

Recruitment of experienced employees is carried out on a non-regular basis according to the employment demand by departments. We seek to reach out to the professionals via job portal and social network. LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN offers a rewarding and challenging career to everyone, even for experienced professionals. For you who possess passion, responsibility and a long term career plan, you will find yourself as someone we value the most.

Fresh Graduate Applicants

Young talents who have just graduated and who are seeking a bright future, are always welcomed to start your career with us. You can approach us during job fairs or write in to enquire on career prospect. Depending on the passion, interest, skills and career goals, we recruit and assign the new employees to the job roles that overall suit them. For many years, LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN has been one of the best integrated petrochemical complex for exposure and gaining vast experience.

Recruitment General Procedures

STEP 01 : Application Received / STEP 02 : Screening & Selection / STEP 03 : Test & Interview / STEP 04 : Shortlisting Finalists / STEP 05 : Health Screening / STEP 06 : Job Offer

  1. aaaaaaaaaReceived Application
  2. aaaaaaaaaDocumentation Screening
    Screens applicants’ basic qualifications, job experiences and various aspects to select the right applicants. The details written on the application are verified.
  3. aaaaaaaaaTest & Interview (Competency, personality)
    An overall evaluation is conducted of an applicant’s competency, values, and growth potential during the interview. A second interview may be added depending on the position applied .
  4. aaaaaaaaaShortlisting & Finalist
    Final evaluation combining the hiring managers and HR input to select the finalist.
  5. aaaaaaaaaHealth Screening
    Health screening to confirm the finalist is fit to work.
  6. aaaaaaaaaJob Offer
    Job offer via email and phone call.

Internship Application Procedures


Recruitment of interns are open to all local universities undergraduates. We encourage undergraduates who possess a serious intention to pursue an engineering career or interested with the prospect of working in LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN to conduct their internships with us.

STEP 01 : Application Received / STEP 02 : Screening & Selection / STEP 03 : Notification to university / STEP 04 : Internship Offer

  1. STEP 01Received Application
    Undergraduate pursuing degree course in 3rd academic year.
  2. STEP 02Documentation Screening
    Screens applicants’ basic qualifications and various aspects to select the right applicants sought by LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN.
    The details written on the application are verified.
  3. STEP 03Notification to university
    An email notification will be sent to the university to confirm on the internship placement.
  4. STEP 04Internship Offer
    Letter Offer for internship will be given upon completion of previous procedures.

Lotte Scholarship

Lotte Scholarship Foundation (LSF) through LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN offers university scholarships to fresh undergraduates with potential who study in the principle of engineering related to petrochemical industry in local universities. Via this scholarship, we will invest to develop local talents, to join us upon completion of their studies.

STEP 01 : Application Received / STEP 02 : Screening & Selection / STEP 03 : Campus Interview / STEP 04 : Shortlisting for successful candidates / STEP 05 : LSF Approval / STEP 06 : Award of Scholarship