Plastic Technical Centre Introduction

21st Century Cornerstone of Malaysia’s Plastic Industry

Plastic Technical Center, a one stop solution that provides product development &
improvement, technical training and technical solution to our customers.

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About the Plastic Technical Centre (PTC)

One of our strategies is to provide our customers with value-added services, including product development and improvement, technical and fabrication process training and the development of products custom-made to the requirements of our customers. We perform these activities through our PTC located at our Tanjung Langsat site in Malaysia. We established the PTC in 2000 to be a leading research and development laboratory for product applications, and a technical training and consultancy hub for the polyolefin industry. The PTC is equipped with comprehensive analytical and physical laboratory testing instruments and plastic fabrication facilities. These facilities are operated by a team of trained and dedicated technical professionals.

Our PTC engineers regularly visit key domestic customers in Malaysia and Indonesia as well as our overseas customers in Asia including China, Taiwan and India to provide technical support services and assistance. The PTC team, which works closely with LC R&D Centre and process technology licensors for our plants, develops new product grades to meet market demand and customer requirements. We receive support from LC R&D Centre in the form of technical assistance (including industry know-how), and support from process technology licensors in the form of technology maintenance. We also provide training to customers in new product usages and applications. As at the Last Practicable Date (LPD), we have provided technical and fabrication process training to more than 5,000 of our customers' employees.


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