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Leading the Petrochemical Industry with Talented People

LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN grows together with employees by providing a variety of benefits, rewards and
opportunities to develop individual creativity and reach his/her full potential.

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Training Program For Talent Growth

LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN has established a road map of talent development. We provide a variety of training programs utilizing external and internal resources to nurture professional talents. Training also comes in the form of coaching and mentoring, on-the-job training, job enhancement and job rotation. We want to ensure that our employees are consistently growing in order to take on greater challenges as the company grows.

Common Training
LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN expects all its employees to possess the same high standard of knowledge and personal effectiveness in employees’ common job tasks. These common know-how skills are delivered via common training that can be attended by every group of employees.
Job Grade Training
Besides technical training, we believe that each job grade commensurates with mastering the level of soft skills and non-technical skills, as required by the job grade itself. To prepare the employees for the challenges in their respective job grade, we have identified and constantly conducting trainings that suit the job grade needs.
Job Expertise Training
Related to technical training to improve technical skills.
Module Certification Program
This is LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN’S own unique modular training designed to provide the knowledge, skills and competencies related to the jobs and responsibilities of the respective technical positions. In this program, technicians are required to go through the theoretical and practical activities on the job.
Key Talent Training
For cultivation of next-generation managers, LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN always seek to discover and train key talents who will provide a foothold for organizational growth. We seek to develop the strategic thinking and systematizing managerial knowhow of the identified key talent through MBA course at major universities

New Hire Training

We assist our new employees in establishing the right attitude, self-esteem, company core value and loyalty through new employee orientation, inspire their sense of belonging, and help them to adapt to the organization culture through On the Job Training and other mentoring programs.