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Environmental Management System

LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN is an ISO14000:2015 certified organization since 2011. Its environmental management system adheres to the highest standard of environmental compliance, based on best industry practices that are stricter than acceptable standards for the environmental pollutants discharged from the workplace.

LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN conducts voluntary surveillance activities and ongoing environmental monitoring program for ambient air, stacks, sewage, effluent, noise, marine, river and vibration. Online monitoring of boiler & gas Turbine stacks and hazardous waste disposal are also in place by setting up an organization in charge of environmental matters in each workplace.

Air Pollutant Control

LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN carries out 24 hours online monitoring for all boilers & gas turbine stacks which are directly connected to the Department of Environment (DOE). LCTM also installed five units of Volatile Organic Compounds (“VOC”) detector using Photo Ionized Detection (“PID”) and a Gas Chromatography (“GS”) online monitoring system at Pasir Gudang plant and nearby school. Aside to that, periodic boundary and plant monitoring checking on any abnormal fugitive emission. To minimize the effects on the environment arising from the production process, natural gas is used as fuel in almost all its operations.

LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN voluntarily conducts Periodic VOC Monitoring at Boundary & Plant Area for fugitive emissions to improve air quality and working environment in the production areas. For odor management, LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN installed cover for waste water treatment plant. We conduct good house-keeping and adopt best operation practices at all times.

CEMS(boiler A/B), LDAR Activity, Cover for wastewater treatment plant on oil collection pit

The data collected through the data logger from the CEMS(Continuous Emission System) transmission system from boiler and data is transmitted to DOE

The data collected through the data logger from the CEMS (Stack - Continuous Emission Monitoring System)
  1. Boiler (Data collected - Data logger)
  2. Procal System at Control Room
  3. Interface Computer to DOE > RTDB (Real Time Data Base)
  4. DOE Head Office
  5. DOE State Office
  6. Boardman control > Boiler

Hazardous Substance Management

As for the equipment for handling hazardous chemical substances, LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN installed detectors and blocking equipment to prevent the discharge of these substances and is closely monitoring them through regular checks, assessments and education to ensure that they are not discharged.

Installation status of control equipment at toxic materials handling facilities

Protective walls installed around the storage facilities and impervious (coated in oxidation resistant material) material used for the floor were designed to ensure that all toxic materials are transferred to the wastewater treatment plant. In case of leak or spill, spill control green cabinets are placed at strategic locations in the plant.

  • Picture of Bund wall or dikes
  • Spill control cabinet
  • Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) box

In addition to that, our employee have undergone emergencies drill.

  • Picture of Bund wall or dikes

Water Pollutants Control

To ensure the systematic control of water pollutants, LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN operates a biological wastewater treatment plant in the workplace and is effectively treating and controlling wastewater through regular internal monitoring as well as external monitoring by Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia (SAMM) accredited laboratory. In addition, we implement waste water reduction initiatives and look into ways to recycle wastewater.

Wastewater treatment system diagram
  1. Wastewater discharged from plant
  2. The biological treatment facilities, The physical/chemical treatment facilities
  3. Final discharge

Waste Management

LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN is taking the lead in reducing and making resources out of waste through process improvements and facility investments with the awareness adopted a new approach to waste management, where we switched to a "Cradle to Cradle" approach from "Cradle to Grave". By introducing the new improved waste disposal system, we track the source of waste and cause of its generation and educate our employees about the efficient control and reduction of waste.