Certification Status

We Produce Safe and Trustworthy Products

We are pleased to provide you with the status of LOTTE Chemical Titan’s certifications.

Home Products Certification Status

Issuing of certificates at LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN has been made convenient by making the procedures online through our homepage. Customers can check and inquire about our product certificates and we will issue them upon request. At LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN, we always do our best to be your sincere business partner.

UL Recognition

Underwriters Laboratories ("UL") Recognition: UL Recognition is a certification provided by the non-profit testing institution Underwriters Laboratories in the United States, which evaluates and certifies the safety of plastic parts. Some of our products are listed by UL. Representative samples of these products have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable safety standards.

EU Food Contact Certification

EU Food Contact Compliance: Regulation ("EU") No. 10/2011 regulates the material and articles which are intended to come into contact with food. All monomers and additives that are used for our products are listed in the Union List of Authorised Substances.

FDA Approval

The Food and Drug Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Our products comply with Code of Federal Regulations ("CFR") Title 21, Part 177.1520 pertaining to substances for use as basic components of single and repeated use food contact surfaces pertaining to olefin polymers.

JHOSPA Certification

Japan Hygienic Olefin and Styrene Plastics Association ("JHOSPA") certification: Our products exported and marketed in Japan are registered and certified under JHOSPA in order to meet the standard and compliance requirements in Japan on use of raw materials in the manufacturing of food utensils, containers and packaging materials. 

REACH Regulation

Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals ("REACH") Regulation (EC) 1907/2006: Polymers are generally exempt from registration provisions. Our products do not contain any of the proposed hazardous and restricted substances above the limit for this standard.