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LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN main areas for jobs are namely, Production, Maintenance, Support Functions,
Sales & Marketing, Research & Development

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Research & Development

Research & Development under Plastic Technical Center performs work that contributes to corporate profit generation through high value-added new product development and improvement of the existing products to meet the needs of customers.
It serves the role of expanding the market and increasing competitiveness through improvement of the quality of the existing products and technical support, striving to continuously enhance the added value of our products through cost reduction of the existing products.
It is also carrying out the work of formulating project strategies for the future high value-added products based on the market trends and its accumulated technological capabilities and building a technological foundation for new business expansion through new product and technology development enabled by research on future core technologies.

Required competency and related majors

  • Required competency : Challenge, passion, innovation, team spirit/cooperation, analytical thinking, quality-oriented
  • Related academic study : Majors with degrees related to Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Polymer, Advanced Materials, etc.

Departments to be assigned

  • Product Development
  • Technical Service