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Maintenance largely consists of engineering support, facilities maintenance, instrumentation, electrical and reliability enhancement. The maintenance team is focusing on flawless maintenance work through maintenance planning and analysis for stable production operation.

It provides support to ensure optimal maintenance by prolonging the life of all plant structures and buildings through planned maintenance, and by performing effective management of machine tools and vehicles/heavy equipments required for maintenance work.

It is also performing the work of building a foundation for stable customer management through customer maintenance support, striving to build corrective/proactive maintenance systems by correcting the irrationalities through management of the equipment maintenance history and analysis of the related data, together with the effort to prevent their recurrence.

It can be said that prolonging the life of the equipment parts and their domestic production, and keeping the goal of cost reduction below the target level through systematic management of refurbishment items are also the maintenance team's major task. Furthermore, the team is striving to support production activities to ensure safe plant operation by undertaking the safety and environmental preservation activities to prevent accidents due to negligence.

Required competency and related majors

  • Required competency : Challenge, passion, innovation, teamwork/cooperation, safety/risk management
  • Related academic study : Mechanical Engineering, Electric/Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering majors

Departments to be assigned

  • Maintenance Mechanical Department
  • Maintenance Electrical & Instrumentation Department
  • Engineering Department
  • Reliability Department