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LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN main areas for jobs are namely, Production, Maintenance, Support Functions,
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Support Functions

The support team consists of many different job functions which includes Human Resources, Corporate Planning, Procurement, Finance, Credit Control and Government Affairs. It provides essential functions that enhance the performance of the company as a whole.

Human Resources is tasked with building, operating, and managing a system for efficient utilization of human resources, an integral part that makes up a corporate entity. The ultimate objective of Human Resources is to build a variety of personnel resources and support them so that both external and internal customers (employees) can generate the maximum competitiveness, thereby creating corporate synergy.

Meanwhile, Finance & Treasury is performing its task with the aim of contributing to optimal decision-making, by offering useful information to the stakeholders including the management and shareholders. It is done in a timely manner based on its fairly processed accounting information as per corporate accounting standards.

The objective of Corporate Planning is to provide a solid foundation for compliance and ethical management by minimizing corporate legal risks arising from the changing corporate environment, both inside and outside the corporation. It is striving to faithfully provide active and enhanced support by conducting legal reviews of various matters to ensure compliance with laws and offering legal advice geared to the needs of the front office.

Procurement achieves cost-efficiency and makes a contribution to corporate profitability by establishing a timely procurement system through purchase plan formulation and management. Its objective is to reduce cost by diversifying the supply chain through continuous discovery of vendors and promotion of domestic production. The procurement department is focusing on increasing the purchasing knowhow and information gathering and analysis capability.

Required competency and related majors

  • Required competency : Challenge/passion, team spirit/cooperation, innovation, decision-making/judgment, analytical thinking,
  • Related academic study : Finance & Accounting, Economics & Business Management, Human Resource, Law

Departments to be assigned

Human Resources, Corporate Planning, Procurement, Finance, Treasury, Credit Control, etc on management support team