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Plastic Technical Center, a one stop solution that provides product development & improvement,
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Overview of PTC’s functions

Product Development & Improvement (R&D)

Since its establishment, PTC has developed a total of more than 70 new product grades. The following sets out some characteristics of the new product properties and applications developed at the PTC.


  • Polyethylene new products: LLDPE geomembrane with excellent mechanical properties, MDPE film with enhanced mechanical properties, large containers and intermediate bulk container for blow molding processes, oxo-biodegradable resin for blown film processes, low VOC outgassing LDPE film resin for electronic devices packaging, high flow HDPE polyolefin.

  • Polypropylene new products: Superb clarity random copolymer polyolefin, fast cycle time random copolymers, high flows homopolymer for thin walled injection molding application with good clarity and fast cycle time, random copolymer for extrusion coating application on BOPP and woven fabric, high flow impact copolymer with excellent stiffness for home appliances, high line speed homopolymer metallisable BOPP polyolefin.

Analysis Support Service

LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN’s Plastic Technical Centre (PTC) has a professional full-fledged Laboratory Service team that provides reliable laboratory analysis and fabrication process studies to support the product development and improvement as well as to provide technical support for our customers. PTC conducts quantitative and qualitative analysis on the material composites, analysis on the molecular structures of polymers/additives as well as the physical properties. The state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and fabrication machine facilities available at PTC have assisted customers to grow and expand their businesses through product quality improvement and diversification as well as conducting hands-on training for customers. Testing capabilities at PTC are maintained at a top level with our high technology equipment and the capabilities of the analysis & fabrication as well as products testing and evaluation increased manifold with the support from LC R&D Centre.

Test Subject Test Equipment
Basic material analysis FT-IR, DSC, STA
Analysis of molecular weight and molecular weight distribution High temperature GPC
Molecular structure FT-IR
Analysis of Polymer Rheological Properties Capillary Rheometer
Sectioning of Multi Layers & Material Analysis Optical Microscope, IR-Microscope
Micro Foreign Materials Analysis Hot-Stage Microscope, IR-Microscope
Quantitative Analysis of Organic Additives GC, HPLC
Qualitative Analysis of Organic Additives FT-IR
Quantitative Analysis of Inorganic Additives Ash, STA
Tensile stress-strain, Flexural (bending) stress-strain, Impact strength, Tear strength, Friction, Hardness, Heat Distortion Temperature/Vicat Softening Point, Hot Tack, Seal Initiation Temperature, Melt flow, Density Universal Tester, Melt Flow Tester, Density Meter, Impact Tester, Hardness Tester, Elmendorf Tear Tester, Hot Teck Tester
Measurement of Optical Properties Spectrophotometer, Tri-Gloss Meter
Environmental Resistance Evaluation UV Weatherometer, Oven, Brittleness Tester, ESCR tester
Total Volatile Organic Compound & Off Flavor Analysis GC-MSD