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Overview of PTC’s functions

Product Development & Improvement (R&D)

Since its establishment, PTC has developed a total of more than 70 new product grades. The following sets out some characteristics of the new product properties and applications developed at the PTC.


  • Polyethylene new products: LLDPE geomembrane with excellent mechanical properties, MDPE film with enhanced mechanical properties, large containers and intermediate bulk container for blow molding processes, oxo-biodegradable resin for blown film processes, low VOC outgassing LDPE film resin for electronic devices packaging, high flow HDPE polyolefin.

  • Polypropylene new products: Superb clarity random copolymer polyolefin, fast cycle time random copolymers, high flows homopolymer for thin walled injection molding application with good clarity and fast cycle time, random copolymer for extrusion coating application on BOPP and woven fabric, high flow impact copolymer with excellent stiffness for home appliances, high line speed homopolymer metallisable BOPP polyolefin.

Technical Service & Support

PTC staff conduct regular proactive customer visits to understand the customers’ and market needs, gather feedback on the performance of our products in order to develop new products or improve on the existing products to meet the customers’ needs. PTC provides technical support and advice on the material selection, share knowledge and experience on improvements made to mold and product design, fabrication process improvement, productivity improvement, defects troubleshooting, testing services, application & product development, etc. With the facilities set up at PTC which are mainly dedicated for the polyolefin industries, we provide laboratory testing services to customers in terms of material identification and formulation, materials blending ratio, troubleshooting, product performance evaluation, new application development on request as part of our technical support and consultation. We also conduct partnership programs with our loyal customers like new applications & product development, quality and productivity improvement, upgrading their staff knowledge and experience, etc. at their request.