Safety and Health Management

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Safety and Health Management

LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN is an OHSAS 18001:2007 certified organization, certified since 2005 and has an occupational safety and health management organization to prevent workplace accidents and ensure optimal safety management. To ensure the highest safety and health standards are observed, we carry out monthly and quarterly HSE observations and audits participated by all levels of the organization including the supporting groups. TAKE TWO and Safety Observations following the Dupont principles are regularly conducted by employees and contractors ensuring that all work activities carried out are safely implemented.

Moreover, we are providing all employees with education in occupational safety and health through in-house trainings and EH&S online based education system that shares safety, health and environment education information, department based field education using educational materials and group education. We also provide safety trainings to the employees of our partner companies and offer positive support for our partners for their in-house trainings.

Accident Prevention Training for Various Situations

  1. 1. SCBA training
  2. 2. Inspection by DOSH
  3. 3. Safety trainings
  4. 4. First aid trainings
  5. 5. Joint firefighting drills

HSE Observations and Audit Activities

For chemical substances handled in our workplace, we ensure Safety Data Sheets ("SDS") are readily available online on our employees' legacy EH&S system for their reference. In addition, any new chemicals have to be registered prior to use. SDS trainings are also provided to all employees who are handling the said substances and they are able to refer to the Safety Data Sheets in real time.

RC (Responsible Care)

The atom embodies chemistry and the yellow deep color represents safety and affluence. Both hands signify care and protection indispensable to the chemical industry, with the green color symbolizing the environment and nature.

  • Self-Assessment/Intra-company activities
  • RC Workshop
  • Codes Establishment for all employees
  • Operation of an intra-company online education site on RC
  • RC
  • Integrated operation of RC and intra-company standards
  • Operation of RC Task Force Team

LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN is promoting active participation of our executives and employees through presentations and promotion at the company level, undertaking various RC activities such as holding periodic workshops and conducting self-assessments of all workplaces with the introduction of RC Task Force Team, and thus strengthening the activities performed to improve the environment, safety, and health and having the intra-company RC take root.

Comprehensive Accident Prevention System Operation

We are operating the comprehensive accident prevention system built for detecting early on-site risks such as gas leakage and fire, and responding to them promptly.

  • Onsite monitoring CCTV at control room
  • Equipment for monitoring gas leakage
  • Equipment for automatic fire detection
  • William fire monitor at Terrminal 1
  • Equipment for monitoring firefighting pumps

Health Care Activities

We are operating a health administration office within the plant for all workers to receive medical advice and service conveniently. We are doing our best to promote employees’ health in the workplace to promote employees’ health in the workplace, providing health awareness providing health awareness campaigns as well as managing individual employees’ history of physical checkups.

Employee Health Promotion Activities

Physical examinations, medication supplies, health checks and medical consultation in preparation for various types of diseases are conducted.

  • Activities to prevent occupational diseases – Selecting burdensome tasks and taking improvement measures whilst carrying out scientific management to prevent health disorders.
  • Quit Smoking campaigns and blood donation drives – Quit smoking education (providing quit smoking aids, providing quit smoking acupuncture treatment) and promoting blood donation.