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Frequently asked questions and matters are summed up relating to our products and
recruitment process.

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1 How will the recruitment process progress?

It will progress in the following order: Candidate Screening, Test, Interview and Health Screening. Please check the recruitment information in the recruitment menu for further details.

2 How can I check whether or not I was accepted?

Successful applicants are individually notified by e-mail and phone.

3 Can a person whose major is different from the majors specified in the announcement apply?

The majors mentioned in the announcement are those primarily required for the job. Note, however, that applicants with similar/related majors can also apply.

4 Can a person who was rejected in the past reapply?

Yes, anyone who was previously unsuccessful in his/her application can apply again.

5 What Is the current job vacancy in LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN?

Our job vacancy will be updated in Career Opportunity section. Please check the section for further details.

6 Does LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN offer internship to undergraduates? How can I apply it?

Yes, we do. An interested candidate may apply for a placement via Career Opportunity in our career page or send his application to us via mail.